Matching Shirts for Him and Her

Matching Shirts: StripFlock and EasyWeed Weeding season…. I mean wedding season is upon us! Weddings have never been more unique. Every year, couples get more and more innovative with how they celebrate their special day, crafting their wedding into a personal party! Siser heat transfer vinyl has a color and a finish to match your color [...]

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The Game of Checkers for on the Go

With Portable Checkers You'll Never Be Board "King me!" was a common phrase you could hear in my house growing up. Checkers was one of the first games my older brothers taught me, and it was one of the only games I could occasionally beat them at. As I grew older, so did my competitive [...]

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Oh Crop, You Can Do That?!

Combine Glitter and Brick Materials for a 3D Sparkle Effect! I love learning new things every day! Take the above picture for example, I layered Jade Glitter on top of White Brick. Before today, I didn’t even consider this combination. Thanks to a wonderful customer of ours, Big Texas Bling, I had to give this a [...]

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The HTV Basics for Beginners

The Beginner's Guide to Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl Welcome to the creative world of Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl! If you don't know the HTV basics, don’t worry- you will by the end of this post! I was a beginner not long ago, and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty overwhelming at first. [...]

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Use EasyWeed Scrap for a Sweet Design!

Turn EasyWeed scrap pieces into a SWEET design! First of all, do not underestimate the power of EasyWeed scrap pieces of Siser HTV. I just turned 7 different EasyWeed into one SWEET design. Beginning with creating my tasty art using Adobe Illustrator. Creating my sweet design. Then saved my art file as an [...]

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