NEW Canvas Workspace + DIY EasyPSV™ Stadium Bag

How to Make a Monogram in Canvas Workspace to Decorate a Clear Stadium Bag From songbirds to saplings, Spring brings all kinds of great things! For many, the start of baseball season brings a new hopeful vigor to the year, but before you gear up for the game you might want to double check the [...]

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The Only Way To Handle Pressure Is To Apply It

Tips and Tricks for Proper Pressure “I’ll tell you what it means….PRESSURE.” or “PRESSURE…pushing down on me.” Or “It’s time to take the PRESSURE off.” What do lyrics from Billy Joel, Queen, and Duran Duran all have in common?! ….thats right, PRESSURE. I want to talk about how vital proper pressure is when applying Siser [...]

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The Key to Custom Performance Wear

Unlock the World of Custom Performance Wear Stretching your muscles helps relieve aches and pains and prevents injury, but stretching your HTV can result in tears and warped images. Unless you choose EasyWeed Stretch that is. EasyWeed Stretch was designed with performance wear in mind. It stretches with the garment, but still retains its shape [...]

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The Power of Personalization

Personalization. It's Not Just Applying Numbers and Logos... Let me start off this post by saying that I've been in the personalization game in one way or another for 30 years. I started as a part time artist at a local print shop when I was 15. I would go in at 5am and get [...]

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