How to Heat Press Fleece

How to Apply a Split Front Design to a Fleece Full Zip Jacket Give me an F! F! Give me an L! L! Give me an E! E! Give me another E! E!  Give me a C! C! Give me an E! E! What's that's spell? FLEECE! ...Ok, so we've established I can spell, but can I [...]

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How to Heat Press Onesies with Siser Holographic Faux Stones

Have a Fabulous Fall in Faux Stones If your favorite thing about fall is the changing colors of the leaves then you're going to love the changing colors of Siser Holographic heat transfer vinyl! This radiant material has color changing chips that shimmer similar to rhinestones. However, unlike rhinestones, which can sometimes contain lead, Holographic [...]

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How to Heat Press A Hoodie

Application Placements for A Hoodie A Hooded sweatshirt or "hoodie", is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. They can be sporty, chic and anything in between, but they all offer easy style and comfort. Additionally, there are many options for heat application. If you have a hooded sweatshirt, chances are it could be customized with [...]

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A Speedy, Reflective Backpack Project

How To Iron On ExtraReflex For A Reflective Backpack With kids back in school and summer drawing near an end you may start to notice your mornings aren't as bright as they were before. No, not because your kids' smiles have faded due to studying, but because our days are getting shorter and our nights [...]

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Introducing: EasyWeed® Adhesive

How to Cut and Apply EasyWeed® Adhesive If you look for the sunshine through the clouds you'll likely find the bright side! If you apply EasyWeed® Adhesive to your project, you may find it too! The cloudy appearance of EasyWeed Adhesive turns clear when applied and becomes bright like the sun when you add a [...]

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