How to Make Glitter Pockets

Bring on the glitter pocket bling with this quick tutorial The popular sequin pocket T-shirts that were so trendy this past fall is back for summer, but this time glitter vinyl is bringing the shimmer. Glitter pockets are a great way to update old tank tops or add life to bargain T-shirts. This DIY trend [...]

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Matching Shirts for Him and Her

Matching Shirts: StripFlock and EasyWeed Weeding season…. I mean wedding season is upon us! Weddings have never been more unique. Every year, couples get more and more innovative with how they celebrate their special day, crafting their wedding into a personal party! Siser heat transfer vinyl has a color and a finish to match your color [...]

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The Game of Checkers for on the Go

With Portable Checkers You'll Never Be Board "King me!" was a common phrase you could hear in my house growing up. Checkers was one of the first games my older brothers taught me, and it was one of the only games I could occasionally beat them at. As I grew older, so did my competitive [...]

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Graduating in Style

Create a decorated graduation cap with faux rhinestones High schools and colleges offer traditional education, but while we learn about history and math we also learn about ourselves. We learn where our passions lie, what we believe in, and who we can trust. In high school, I discovered I was ready to get out. As [...]

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Cut Siser® Brick® on Your Silhouette Cameo!

Learn How to Use Your Silhouette Cameo to Cut Siser® Brick® PLEASE NOTE: Siser North America has discontinued Brick 1,000 since this post was originally published, although some stock is still available with Authorized Distributors, Resellers, and Siser Italy. In its place, Siser North America now offers Siser Brick 600 which is 600 microns and thin [...]

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