How to Cut Siser® Holographic HTV

Tips and Tricks for Working with Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl Sparkly, shiny, and oh so many colors in just 1 sheet! Holographic HTV dazzles, but don't let it blind you from these tips and tricks! Available in crystal and regular (and a special pearl!), there are so many gorgeous options to choose from. You can [...]

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The Look of Rhinestones Without All the Hassle!

Rhinestone designs on the cheap? You bet! Remember the Holodeck in Star Trek? The Holodeck was a room where images and props were produced for simulation training and "relaxation". It was all a front. The Holodeck was giving the illusion of physical objects and scenarios. Not unlike the Holodeck, Siser® Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl can [...]

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