Custom Team Sport Sweatshirt for Off the Playing Field

Fall sports are in full swing and while pressing names and numbers for team jerseys is a popular practice for a lot of heat transfer vinyl businesses, don’t forget about what the team will wear off the playing field. Team warm up and lounge garments can be just as profitable especially when you choose a quality garment and materials to match. I’m decorating a 100% polyester sweatshirt with contrast color detailing on the shoulders and a mesh lined hood. These features usually lend themselves to a price markup. Pair the sporty garment with a lightweight EasyWeed™ Stretch logo and you might just have a #1 seller!

I first created my design in Adobe Illustrator. Then I separated each layer and saved them individually as .jpeg images. If you have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition you can skip saving the separate layers and upload the .svg artwork directly to Silhouette Studio. Otherwise, you’ll have to upload each .jpeg and go to the “Trace” window>Select Trace Area and drag the box around your image. Drag the “Value” bar until your image is bright yellow then select “Trace” so that the inner and outer cut lines are recognized.

Adobe Illustrator Team Sport LogoTracing team sport logo into Silhouette Studio







When each layer was traced in I flipped them all horizontally so they’re a mirror image. This is a vital step when working with HTV. Now the artwork is ready to cut. I cut each color in EasyWeed™ Stretch with my blade exposed to 2, Speed: 10, Thickness: 4. EasyWeed™ Stretch is our thinnest HTV, so be sure to do your own test cuts to make sure your blade doesn’t cut through the clear carrier. Siser HTV is always cut with the shiny carrier side down and the duller material side exposed to the blade because the carrier needs to stay intact for heat application. The carrier keeps the artwork aligned and holds the adhesive for the HTV.

Team Sport logo layers in Silhouette Studio

When everything is cut, I grabbed my Siser Weeder and removed the extra vinyl.

Weeding EasyWeed Stretch colors

To heat apply EasyWeed Stretch set your press to 305°F with firm pressure. While I let the press heat up, I stuck my transfer layers together to get them correctly aligned. This design uses the inset method I explained in my previous post: How to Layer Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. Reducing layers of HTV makes the design less bulky and creates a more comfortable garment. Since each layer is designed to fit snugly inside the next, it’s important that your alignment is spot on. That’s why I align the layers prior to heat application. Then I just separate and peel the top layers from the lowest transfer, press, and repeat.

Pressure Sensitive Carriers allow easy alignment

Pressing white EasyWeed™ Stretch






I pressed each layer of EasyWeed Stretch for 1 second and then peeled the hot carrier. The vinyl that’s applied and no longer has a carrier will melt if directly exposed to the heat press. Using a heat transfer cover sheet for all your presses will ensure a mess free heat press.

Pressing royal blue EasyWeed Stretch EasyWeed Stretch's carrier is a hot peel





Pressing black EasyWeed StretchHeat pressing the name on on the team sport logo







The final layer I pressed for 10 seconds to fully cure all the heat transfer vinyl.

The final press on a team sport sweatshirt

Siser NA doesn’t really have a sports team called the screaming eagles, but if we ever make one you know what my vote for team name will be! Have you made athletic apparel with EasyWeed Stretch? Share your designs with us on social media using #SiserNA!

Custom team sport sweatshirt with EasyWeed Stretch

Lily Campau