Siser StripFlock Adds Dimension to Dinoco® Logo!

If you’ve seen any Pixar movie since 1995’s Toy Story, you’ve no doubt seen the Dinoco logo. The Dinoco logo makes a cameo in most Pixar movies including Cars, Cars 2, Wall-E and others. The Dinoco logo was based in part on the old Sinclair Oil “Dino” logo that began appearing in 1933. Like the Sinclair logo, Dinoco features a Brontosaurus. In the Pixar movies, the logo appears in various places…the gas station that Andy’s mom stops at on their way to Pizza Planet… as a sponsor in Cars… and on a lighter on Wall-E’s shelf. The logo itself is relatively easy to digitize using primary shapes; oval for the egg shape and rectangles for the lettering banner. The font is an easy one to type out but it’s just as easy to create from primitives as well. The only real digitizing comes in with the dinosaur – again, simple enough. To recreate this whole logo, it took me about 6 minutes.

Here’s a real-time video of me digitizing the entire logo in CorelDRAW.

Again, the point of me showing you how to make these logos isn’t so you can go out and steal someone’s copyrighted material. It’s to show you that no matter how detailed the logo seems that a customer brings you, there’s an easy way to get it into the computer and on a shirt, hat or bag.

After digitizing, I exported the design as an .eps file and opened it in Roland CutStudio so that I could cut it in Siser StripFlock on the GX-24. Dinoco Logo cut in Siser StripFlock

StripFlock is a thick, slightly fuzzy material that adds depth and dimension to any design. Here’s a closeup of the design showing the fibers.

Dinoco Logo cut in Siser StripFlock

The StripFlock colors are rich and look great on any color garment! While I was cutting the design, I also cut a smaller version for a matching hat.

Dinoco Logo cut in Siser StripFlock

Just remember that logos and designs are made up of lines and arcs. If you can digitize a line and can pull a straight line into an arc, there isn’t any logo you can’t manage!