Using the Text on Arc Tool in Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro

Everyone knows that you can insert text quickly and easily in Leonardo™ Design Studio— even with custom fonts! But for many designs, simple, straight text isn’t enough to achieve the “wow” factor you’re shooting for. Thankfully, Leonardo Design Studio Pro includes a nifty Text on Arc Tool to help manipulate those letters in a more visually appealing manner. Read on to see just how quick and easy it is to arc your text with just a few clicks!

Preparing a Design

I already have some artwork that one of our graphic designers, Andrew, was working on. With a simple File > Import, I can drop Andrew’s SVG right onto the Design Page of Leonardo as a “Cut Only” design.

Importing design into Leonardo™ Design Studio.

The design is looking good, but it’s just missing some text. The goal is to replicate one of those university-style sweatshirt designs— complete with the blocky letters.

Using the Text on Arc Tool

Normally, I would simply hit the Text tool and begin typing away. But with Leonardo Design Studio Pro, I can hover over the Text tool to reveal the handy “Text on Arc” tool.

Selecting the Text on Arc Tool in Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro.

Clicking this tool brings up a new window chock-full of options! After typing my text, I can adjust the radius, angle, baseline position, and other properties of the arc. You can also click the “Font Style” tab up top to choose a new font. I’m going with the aptly named “College Slab” font for this bit of text.

Changing font style in the Text on Arc tool.

Hitting “Apply” places my arced text right on the artboard. I can now move and scale it to my liking just like any other object! I think enlarging and centering it above the rest of the design is exactly what I’m looking for.

Using the Punch-Out Tool

The next step is… well… that’s it! I wasn’t kidding when I said it takes just a few clicks (and a little typing) to arc text with Leonardo Design Studio Pro. Since I have the time, I’m going to finish up this design with a bit more text using the Punch-Out Tool ALSO available in Leonardo Design Studio Pro!

This time I’ll use the regular Text tool to add the word “University” to my artboard. Then I’ll just need to drop it on top of the scroll and make sure it’s centered using the Align tools.

Centering text with scroll in Leonardo™ Pro.

With the text and scroll now centered, I can highlight both objects and hover over the “Weld” tool. To the right is the new “Punch-Out” tool. With a single click my text is knocked-out from the scroll!

Wrapping Up

I’ll be honest: I really tried to make the process look more advanced than it actually was. But in reality, finishing this whole project took less than 2 minutes thanks to the intuitive tools offered in Leonardo Design Studio Pro! After loading my Juliet™ cutter with EasyWeed®, I can send the design to be cut with just a few more clicks. (If you’re new to cutting with Juliet, check out this blog post to learn more!) Then after a quick weeding session, I can heat apply my new design onto a sweatshirt!

Finished Leonardo™ University hoodie using arced text.

Want to see both the Text on Arc Tool and Punch-Out Tool in action? Don’t miss our video below!

With the power of arcing text now at your fingertips, what cool text designs will YOU make in Leonardo Design Studio Pro?