EasyWeed Stretch: Not Just for Performance Wear?

If you have asked this question, or even thought about asking it, don’t worry you’re not alone! The name EasyWeed Stretch can cause you to correlate the HTV with only “stretchy” fabrics, like Lycra or Spandex. I am here to tell you that this notion isn’t true!

Let me use this terrible example of how sometimes product names can be deceiving:

Duct Tape.

Am I right?! Has anyone honestly used Duct Tape strictly for ducts? Don’t lie… I can say a majority of my “fix it” projects around my house are remedied with Duct Tape. Stuff similar to this:

Duct Tape being used in unconventional ways

Technically, these are just examples I found on the internet (cool hat, cat!), but you get the idea- ZERO DUCTS! This sort of applies with EasyWeed Stretch. Not everything you apply Stretch to needs to actually be stretchy.

Ok, ok…you caught me. I cater more towards performance wear with our application video for EasyWeed Stretch.…. but let’s go beyond that!

EasyWeed™ Stretch is one of seven in the EasyWeed family. It is the thinnest of the entire group of heat transfer vinyl. It closely compares to the standard EasyWeed, but has a softer feel and a matte finish. Stretch also shares some advantages of the other family members: Pressure Sensitive Carrier, Hot/Cold Peel, Layerable, etc.

Since I’ve joined up with Siser NA, I have customized quite a few of my own t-shirts and I noticed that most of the time I gravitate toward EasyWeed™ Stretch for my designs. Whether it’s the soft feel or maybe the “screen print” look of the matte finish, it’s the Siser HTV I default to. I personally, have a bias towards cotton fabric. 85% of my wardrobe is cotton t-shirts involving a band logo or a movie reference. I am a man of simplicity and comfort, and EasyWeed Stretch compliments my lifestyle nicely.

As for the fabrics we recommend EasyWeed Stretch on, they are: 100% Cotton, 100% Uncoated Polyester, Poly/Cotton Blends, Lycra®/Spandex, and Leather. That leaves you with a plethora of decorating options with Stretch.

Here’s some examples of possibilities with EasyWeed Stretch HTV:

Easyweed Stretch on a 100% cotton tote bag

EasyWeed Stretch on a100% acrylic beanie

EasyWeed Stretch on a 100% polyester hair bow

EasyWeed Stretch on a neoprene koozie

EasyWeed Stretch on a 100% cotton t-shirt

EasyWeed Stretch on a 100% cotton onesie

EasyWeed Stretch on a poly/cotton blend t-shirt

It is rather common to look past EasyWeed Stretch because our regular EasyWeed offers a wider variety of color options. However, if you’re looking to achieve the most lightweight and softest feel out of all of our heat transfer vinyl options, you’re going to want to try out EasyWeed Stretch!

Now for the gratuitous selfie photo with the EasyWeed Stretch Pizza Box page and Stretch Armstrong. #Because

EasyWeed Stretch Pizza Box page displays colors and matte finish

If you have any questions about this post, please feel free to leave them in the comment section or contact us at info@siserna.com

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