DIY Coloring Cards with StripFlock® Pro HTV

How to Make a Coloring Card for Mother's Day Putting heat transfer vinyl on cardstock is one of my favorite crafting hacks! I went into detail about how to heat press cardstock in this blog post. Be sure to give that post a once over for the basics because today's craft is a quickie! If [...]

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DIY Reflective Dog Jacket

How to Turn a Plain Dog Jacket into a Reflective Dog Jacket In whatever weather you walk your dog, it's good to stay visible when near roadways. A little bit of reflective heat transfer vinyl can go a long way! Before you're next outing, complete this quick project for peace of mind. Supplies EasyReflective® HTV [...]

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Tips for Applying Siser® HTV on Fabric Face Masks

How to Put Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl on Fabric Face Masks Safely Everyone's lives have been affected in some way by the Corona Virus pandemic. We must do our best to help lift each other up (from a distance), stay positive, and stay healthy. The Siser Team has been working hard to put out helpful [...]

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How to Apply Siser® HTV with a Cricut EasyPress

Tips for Using the Cricut EasyPresses with Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl The great thing about HTV is you don't need much to start out. A cutter and a home iron is about all you need when you're just a "beginner" and making items for yourself and family members. But after working with an iron for [...]

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How to Heat Press Polypropylene

DIY Mardi Gras Bead Bag with EasyWeed® Electric and Metal HTV In the words of MKTO, "In a world gone plastic, baby, you're so classic"- Polypropylene is the best of both! This classic plastic comes in many forms. From kitchen utensils to car batteries, it's as versatile as it is cost-effective. Which makes it a [...]

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How to Iron HTV on Suede & Faux Suede

DIY Monogram Suede Baby Booties with StripFlock® Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl Have you ever seen a plain suede purse, jacket, or pair of shoes and thought to yourself- I wonder if I could decorate that with heat transfer vinyl? Well, the short answer is- YES, but you'll need to take extra caution. The long answer [...]

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