Marketing Goes to the Museum

Team Building Field Trip on Typography & Branding HTV decorators know designing the cut file can be the hardest part of the whole process. If you've ever agonized over this font or that font- you're not alone! Those of us in the Marketing department know exactly how you feel. When you're feeling stumped, sometimes all [...]

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Help! My HTV Layers Have Gaps

How to Prevent Shrinking HTV to Stop Gaps So you've created your design to line up perfectly in the editing software, but when you heat apply it things don't seem quite right. The fabric peeks out between heat transfer vinyl layers where it should be flush, and now the alignment is off! What happened and [...]

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5 Tips and Tricks for Layering Siser HTV

How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl Put a fresh spin on your designs with multiple colors and finishes! Siser® HTV provides all kinds of options for you to layer, however not ALL heat transfer vinyl can be layered. If you want to check if your HTV can be layered, simply go to, select the product [...]

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How To Buy Genuine Siser® Materials & Avoid Imposters

Purchase Through Siser® Authorized Distributors or Resellers to Save Yourself From Fraudulent HTV At Siser, we are dedicated to maintaining personable relationships in every aspect of our business. From our coworkers to our distributors and resellers and all our wonderful end users. We appreciate your enthusiasm for Siser products and we value your business greatly. [...]

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