1 layer of EasyWeed Electric htv + 1 layer of Stripflock = 1 home run garment

It’s opening day for the Detroit Tigers! Opening day is great because not only does it mean baseball season is officially here, it also means summer is just around the corner! I can’t wait to be in the stands again. The sizzle of bratwursts call to me over the booming voices of the announcers. The chattering excitement of the fans electrifies the air and pumps me up for a game. Don’t forget to wear your Tigers gear on game day, or better yet design your own spirit wear with Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl products. Today I’ll show you how to take your garments from flat to fierce when you layer Stripflock over EasyWeed Electric.

Here’s a fun twist on spirit wear for the Detroit Tigers.

First, I edited the tiger image in Illustrator so it was a vector image. Then I saved it as an SVG file and brought it into Cricut Design Space.

Tigers HTV

The tiger design in Illustrator and the tiger design in Cricut Design Space

Now that it’s all set up to cut I put my htv (heat transfer vinyl) on the Cricut mat. The mat has a sticky front that grips the vinyl and helps keep the material straight on the pinch rollers in the craft cutter.

Tigers HTV

The shiny side of the material is stuck to the Cricut mat so that the blade cuts through the matte side.

I cut EasyWeed Electric and Stripflock on the same setting, “iron on.” Set the Cricut dial to the iron-on setting.

Tigers HTV

EasyWeed Electric HTV made this a breeze to weed.

Time to heat apply it!

EasyWeed Electric htv calls for a temperature of 305° and Stripflock calls for 320°, so I decided on a middle ground temperature of 312°. Before I applied the vinyl though I preheated my garment for 2 seconds to release any wrinkles or moisture within the fabric so I have a perfectly smooth and dry surface to apply on. Remember to always use a heat transfer cover sheet, even when preheating, to protect your garment from any little particles that may have attached themselves to the upper platen of the heat press.

Once that’s completed I did a one second tack on the EasyWeed Electric and peeled it hot.

EasyWeed Electric tacked down for one second.

EasyWeed Electric’s metallic finish is a game changer!

Then I layered the Stripflock over the “TIGER” background, put my cover sheet over all of it, and pressed the design for 15 seconds. I waited till the Stripflock was cool and then peeled the carrier off.

A Stripflock layer on top of EasyWeed Electric.

The Stripflock layer adds depth to the design.

To do the tiger face I had to flip the garment inside out and apply the tiger upside down to get the correct effect.
HTV tiger logo


Ask me about my tiger tshirt design.

What tiger, Joe?

tiger face in EasyWeed Electric orange.

Oh, THAT tiger!








Joe is ready for opening day! Are you?

What Siser vinyl have you layered? Tag your pictures with #SiserNA so we can see your creativity!

Are you excited for baseball season? Tell me what team you’ll be rooting for in the comments.