Siser® HTVs That Can Be Combined With Embroidery

Do you love using both heat transfer vinyl and embroidery? Do you struggle deciding which decoration method to use? Fortunately, you don’t have to choose because HTV and embroidery make a fantastic pair!

Several Siser® HTVs work fantastic with embroidery and can help give designs eye-catching special finishes that wouldn’t be possible with your embroidery machine alone. Check out this blog post to see the process if you’re unfamiliar.

Sound crafty enough for you? Read on to discover the different HTV you can use to create mixed media marvels!

Glitter HTV With Embroidery

Embroidery is a fantastic way to add both visual and tactile interest to garments and accessories. But what if you want to add some bedazzlement? The technology to sew individual glitter flakes sadly does not exist… but Siser Glitter HTV does!

Glitter is, as you may have guessed, a glittery heat transfer vinyl with “exposed” glitter flakes that give the material a textured feel to it. Unlike other glitter decorating methods however, Glitter HTV will not be shedding flakes all over the place!

Combining Glitter HTV with embroidery creates an intentional contrast to the “flat” colors of the threads— plus there’s no weeding needed as Glitter can be easily ripped away after sewing!

Siser Glitter HTV applied to fabric using embroidery.

If that’s not enough for you, Glitter also allows you to combine a THIRD decoration method into the mix: sublimation! Be sure to read this blog to see how you can sublimate directly on top of Glitter HTV for full-color creations!

Sublimated Siser Glitter HTV applied onto a tote with embroidery.

With over 50 Glitter colors to choose from (including neon options), this sparkling HTV is sure to complement any embroidered design!

StripFlock® Pro HTV With Embroidery

Glitter is great for standing out, but perhaps you’re looking for HTV that blends in with the embroidery instead. Enter StripFlock® Pro— the best way to give applique designs a soft, suede-like feel!

StripFlock Pro offers tactile interest like Glitter, but *unlike* Glitter, StripFlock Pro is designed to be soft to the touch. Designs can benefit from a matte, fuzzy finish that blends right into the threads! And after embroidering, StripFlock Pro can also be ripped away for a weed-less experience!

Embroidered sunflower design on fabric made with StripFlock Pro and Glitter HTV.

But wait— there’s more! StripFlock Pro can also be layered. After the embroidery portion is complete, go wild layering more StripFlock Pro on top for endless color combinations!

Aurora™ HTV With Embroidery

If “jaw-dropping” is what you’re aiming for, you’ll definitely want to consider using Aurora™ HTV with embroidery! Featuring a color-shifting finish, this material will make sure your designs never look the same for too long.

Jean jacket with Romeo and Juliet design applied by combining Aurora HTV and embroidery.

But Aurora’s distinctiveness doesn’t end there. It also includes a woven fabric texture, giving the impression that Aurora is a part of the substrate it’s applied onto. This is a great way to retain somewhat of an embroidered look within the vinyl while still achieving the brilliant special effects!

Pumpkins design made with Aurora HTV and embroidery.

Aurora can easily be cut away after embroidering, so you don’t have to worry about a weeding process!

Still not impressed? Aurora is also a layerable material, meaning you can mix and match colors to your heart’s content!

Now It’s Your Turn!

When it comes to decorating apparel, you’ll find that there truly are endless possibilities. Siser HTV is versatile enough to work alongside and enhance other decoration methods… like embroidery! So turn on that sewing machine, fire up the heat press, and get ready to elevate your creations to the next level!

Want to learn even more about combining embroidery with Siser HTV? Register for a DIME Fusion Fix class and expand your creative possibilities!

Jean jacket decorated with Aurora HTV and embroidery.