Every Neon Siser® Heat Transfer Vinyl

(And Ideas for How to Use Them!)

Whether you’re planning a throwback party, summer extravaganza, or spooky soiree you can make all kinds of custom items better and brighter with neon (AKA fluorescent!) Heat Transfer Vinyl! The following materials all look amazing at face value but add a black light and you’ve got something extra special on your hands. Keep reading to learn more about all the neon (AKA fluorescent- we use the words interchangeably around here, folks!) Heat Transfer Vinyl Siser® has to offer and ideas for how you can make the most of them!

EasyWeed® Fluorescents

The most hassle-free fluorescents you’ll find on the market bear the EasyWeed® name! Like our other EasyWeed products, these fluorescents boast the following qualities:

  • 1 Second Tack Application
  • Hot Peel Carrier
  • Layerable With Other HTV
EasyWeed® Fluorescents Heat Transfer vinyl layered on a t-shirt.

Thanks to the layering ability, you can create a cool faux neon sign effect. Check out this video for all the details:

Glitter Neons

What’s better than seven sparkling neons? Seven sparkling neons you can sublimate on! Most of you know that white Siser Glitter HTV can be sublimated on, but did you know you can sublimate on lighter colors too? Just be aware that the color of the HTV is going to affect the color of your finished sublimation print. See how the sprinkles shift shades depending on which color HTV they’re on?

Neon Glitter HTV sublimated with a sprinkle design on a hoodie sleeve.

Want to watch how it works? Check out the video below:

No sublimation printer? No problem- this neon Glitter HTV doesn't need sublimation to stand out on it’s own!

Easy® Puff Neons

These neon colors pack a punch! The raised surface and super bright colors of Easy® Puff give your garments some in-your-face kind of style, so you can get your message across loud and clear.

Easy® Puff Neon Heat Transfer Vinyl applied on a white sweatshirt.

Easy Puff can be used all over or just as a 3-D accent. Check out how puff pops on this spooky sweatshirt.

Brick® 600 Fluorescents

Another option for fluorescents that add depth and dimension is Brick® 600! The vivid colors combined with the smooth, silicone like texture makes your logos look and feel out of this world. Check out how the colors glow under black light in this video.

Brick® 600 Fluorescent Heat Transfer Vinyl applied on a pair of joggers.

Easy® Glow Neons

Last but definitely not least is our newest and brightest product that launched recently: Easy® Glow! These colors are incredibly bright on the regular, but they get even better when the lights are out. From glowing trick or treat bags to creepy, custom t-shirts - Easy Glow is sure to be a Halloween staple.

Easy® Glow Heat Transfer Vinyl green, orange, and blue make a spooky momster top.

Don’t believe the hype? Watch em’ glow with your own eyes!

When it comes to fluorescent and neon Heat Transfer Vinyl, manufacturing these majorly cool colors is a feat in itself! So it's pretty impressive Siser has so many to choose from! You can find these products at your local Authorized Distributor, Reseller, or Retailer. Not sure who that is? Shoot us an email at Info@SiserNA.com and we can help you find what you're looking for!

If what you're looking for is cut settings and application instructions, then you're in the right place! You can find them here on the Siser website or download the Siser App for easy access to all the colors, instructions, and inspo photos you could ever need!

Siser® Neon and Fluorescent HTV applied on Mini T's and glowing under a black light.

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