A Traveling T-shirt Customization Station!

We just got a Brother ScanNCut in our office and no one has any experience on this machine. I decided to give it a whirl since I’ve had a chance to use the Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Explore. I watched a few helpful videos I found on how to get started using the Scan N Cut. Once I found out that you don’t have to plug the Scan N Cut into a computer to make stuff, I started thinking, this would be perfect for on-the-go!

I’m safe to assume that many of you have been to a local sports event- i.e., Baseball, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, etc. All the players have a jersey with a name and number on the back. What if you could customize shirts with names and numbers for people in the stands?! I’ll let you think about that for a second….

…..Ok, you should be good now. Let’s begin….

All you would need is an area to plug in your Brother Scan N Cut and a Heat Press or home iron, some blank shirts, and a table to set it all on.

Here is every step it takes to achieve your end result:

Home Screen of the Brother Scan N Cut

Home Screen. Choose “Pattern.”

Pre-loaded fonts in the Brother Scan N Cut

Choose the font you want to use.

Choosing fonts on the Brother Scan N Cut

15 different font styles.

Use the stylus to type the customer's name

Type in customer’s name and hit “Ok.”

Adjust the size of the font

Adjust the size and hit “Set.”

Add the design to the Brother Scan Cut library

Hit “Add.”

Use the stylus to type the number for the customer

Pick the number the customer wants.

Adjust the size of the number

Adjust the size for the number and hit “Set.”

Center the design on the virtual cutting mat

Center the number underneath the name.

Adjust dimensions on the Brother Scan N Cut

Click this icon to make dimension adjustments.

Mirror your image before cutting

Make sure you mirror your image.

How to load Siser EasyWeed into the Brother Scan N Cut.

Lay your Siser EasyWeed sheet on the Brother mat and load it in.

Make sure you have your cut setting correct.

For Siser EasyWeed:

The Blade will be set to: 2

The Pressure is set to: 1 or 2

The Speed is set to: 3

Perform a test cut to make sure your cut settings are correct

How to cut heat transfer vinyl on the Brother Scan N Cut

When you’re ready to cut, press “Cut.”

Start/ Stop button on the Brother Scan N Cut.

Then press the “Start/Stop” button when it becomes lit.

Applying Siser EasyWeed to a white T-shirt

Lay your shirt on your heat press. Preheat 2-3 seconds. Then line your transfer where you want to apply.

Peel the carrier of Siser EasyWeed hot.

Peel the carrier hot for EasyWeed

The Brother Scan N Cut EasyWeed creationFrom start to finish, creating this shirt took me just under 3 minutes. Not bad at all!

Check out the Brother Scan N Cut today, it has so many great features!

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