Offset Styles Add Flair

A few months back I introduced some of the beginner basics for heat transfer vinyl in this post here. While I outlined some basic terms and tips, there is still a lot of other lingo that gets tossed around, such as offsets.

Offset styles are decorative outlines that add texture and help your image pop. For example, the orange EasyWeed Electric is the offset in this design. Enhancing your designs visually will enhance your business. Keep reading to learn how to create offsets in Silhouette Studio and Scan N Cut Canvas.

To create an offset in Silhouette Studio, like the example above, type your text and select it. Then open the offset window and select “Offset.” The program automatically gives you a .125 inch offset, but you can adjust it to your liking using the “Distance” slider bar. Easy peasy!

The Offset Icon on the Tool Ribbon in Silhouette Studio.

The Offset Icon on the Tool Ribbon in Silhouette Studio.

For Scan N Cut Canvas type your text and select it. Next go to “Edit”, and select “Create Offset Line.” Their default is a .2 inch offset, but like the Silhouette, you can make adjustments on the “Spacing” slider bar.

Select Offset in Brother Scan N Cut Canvas

After you’ve adjusted the offset, don’t forget to mirror your image. You can do that in the Scan N Cut Canvas by going to “Edit” then selecting “Flip Horizontally” or you can flip the image on the Brother Scan N Cut Display Screen before cutting.

Flip Horizontally in Brother Scan N Cut Canvas

The Brother Scan N Cut offers several ways to get artwork into the cutter. For this design you’ll need to attach the cord from the Scan N Cut to your computer or insert a flash drive into the Scan N Cut USB port. I used my flash drive so I downloaded the completed design to my computer, saved it to the flash drive, and then followed these simple steps:

How to import designs from your flash drive to the Brother Scan N Cut

Help out your fellow crafters, and pin this image!

If you’ve already mirrored your image then you’re ready to cut. If you still need to make some adjustments see Joe’s Post for editing on the display screen.

The two other styles of offsets can be created in Silhouette Studio. Cricut Design Space does not have a simple offset tool yet. However, their free font, Cricut Alphabet, has a shadow that looks like the outline offset style (left image.) To create the outline offset in Silhouette Studio use a lower number on the “Distance” slider bar under the “Offset” tab. The style on the right can be created by adding a second offset on top of the outline offset. Keep in mind you’ll probably have to play with the “Character Spacing” under “Text Style” if you’re using this offset for text.

offset styles2

An outline offset (left) and a three color offset (right)

All three offset styles help the design stand out. I personally love the 3 color offset style on the bottom because you can create a vivid design that incorporates the textile color. Which style stands out the most to you?

Offset styles in a variety of Siser heat transfer vinyls.

(From left to right) Red Glitter on silver VideoFlex Glitter, red Glitter on bright red StripFlock, charcoal EasyWeed on red EasyWeed Electric, red StripFlock on bright red StripFlock, red Glitter around silver Holographic, silver Holographic around red Glitter.

Looking for a simple way to enhance your heat transfer vinyl designs? Add an offset! This tutorial explains three different offset styles and how to create them for your Brother Scan N Cut or Silhouette Cameo.