4 Ways to Use Siser® Vinyl with Tie Dye

Tie dye is a trend that comes back around again and again and AGAIN this summer! And for good reason- it’s a super fun, hands-on project that can be catered to kids of all ages since there are so many techniques! I’m going to go over 4 ways you can use Siser HTV (and a little bit of EasyPSV®!) with tie dye in this post, but keep in mind there are so many more possibilities!

#1: Traditional Tie Dye

EasyWeed® and EasyWeed® Electric on a tie dye t-shirt.

EasyWeed® and EasyWeed® Electric on a tie dye shirt.

Whether you use liquid or powder dyes, it’s best to go through all the dyeing steps before decorating the garment with heat transfer vinyl. Be sure to saturate the garment with dye, otherwise you may end up with washed out areas like I did on the shirt above. It was supposed to be pink and yellow, but the yellow is the only color that held after washing. That’s half the fun of tie dye though- you’re never quite sure what the results will be!

EasyWeed® HTV on a tie dye tank top from A Girl and Glue Gun blog

EasyWeed® Heat Transfer Vinyl on a tie dyed tank top.

If you need more inspiration, Kim from A Girl and A Glue Gun shows several more techniques and ideas for HTV on tie dye in her blog post here.


#2: Bleach Dyeing

Siser heat transfer vinyl on a bleach dyed t-shirt.

EasyWeed® Electric Cherry on a bleach dyed t-shirt.

Reverse Tie Dye AKA Bleach Tie Dye is the process of removing color from dark t-shirts as opposed to adding color to light t-shirts in traditional tie dye. But one thing is similar- it’s best to go through all the bleaching steps first and then apply the heat transfer vinyl afterwards.

This modern technique looks amazing on black, red, and navy. Authorized Distributors, Happy Crafters, provide the details behind their bleach dying process on the shirt pictured above here.


#3: Stencil and Spray Bottle

Spray dyeing with EasyPSV® stencils.

EasyPSV® Permanent Orange applied as a stencil.

This is a less messy option that greats for younger kids! Use EasyPSV® to create simple text or shape stencils. Then pick them up with Application Tape (you may want to stick the tape to the fabric first to make it slightly less tacky) and apply the vinyl to your shirt with a squeegee. Be sure to press the edges down firmly to get a good seal for crisper edges. If you don’t press firmly, the look will be more feathered and relaxed. After the dye sets, you can use a Siser® weeder to separate the vinyl from the shirt.

Removing EasyPSV® Stencil with Siser® Weeder.


#4: Tie Dye Heat Transfer Vinyl

Siser® SparkleBerry Ink pattern: Staci's Watercolor

Siser® SparkleBerry Ink pattern: Staci’s Watercolor

Love the tie dye look but want to skip the mess entirely? Use a printed pattern like these SparkleBerry Ink EasyPatterns® from Michaels Craft Stores above and below.

Siser® SparkleBerry Ink Pattern: Staci's Water color and EasyWeed® Stretch Sea Glass

Siser® SparkleBerry Ink Pattern: Staci’s Water color and EasyWeed® Stretch Sea Glass

Which technique is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

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How to use Siser® vinyl with tie dye and tie dyed fabric.