How many customization projects can I make with Siser HTV? To infinity and beyond!

Mean Girls realize there's limitless Siser HTV projectsWith the first day of spring behind us, most spring sports have started or are just around the corner. So it’s the perfect time to press little league uniforms, tennis visors, soccer bags, and so much more. Not only can you print the team logo, but you can also customize the item with the player’s name, number, position, or any other request they have. The possibilities are endless!

One item you can offer for several sports are hair bows. While most popularly known in cheerleading, hair bows are also common in soccer, softball, volleyball, and tennis. You can hand make bows or purchase a pre-made hair bow like this one from Soffe. Just make sure you know the width and length of the ribbons so you can size your design correctly.

Blank lime Soffee hair bow scrunchie

Next, I created my glitter and faux stone design in Sure Cuts A Lot and cut it out using the GCC iCraft. I go over how to turn text and objects into a rhinestone cut file in this tutorial. You can read the basics of SCAL and cutting with the GCC iCraft here.

When the HTV is cut and the excess material is weeded away, you can set up your first transfer for heat application. Since the center of the hair bow is bulky you only want to press the bit of ribbon that will have HTV. Glitter and Holographic apply at 320°F with firm pressure.

How to apply Glitter heat transfer vinyl to a hair bowHeat Pressing Glitter HTV to a hair bow






Cover the pressing area with a heat transfer cover sheet and press each end for 10-15 seconds. Glitter HTV is a warm peel, so give the material a few moments after pressing before removing the carrier.

Glitter HTV is a warm peelPeel Glitter's carrier a few moments after pressing






Pressing Holographic HTV is the same except you’ll need to wait until the carrier is completely cool before peeling it. An easy way to quickly cool down the HTV is to rub the material on a table or glass surface.

How to heat press Holographic faux stones on a hair bowHolographic heat transfer vinyl is a cold peel






And that’s all there is to it! A cute and custom hair bow for any spring sport!

Spring sports call for custom hair bows! It's easy to decorate bows with names, team colors, and faux rhinestones when you use Siser Glitter and Holographic HTV.

What spring sport items are you customizing with Siser HTV? Tell us about them in the comments or show them to us using #SiserNA!