DIY Kentucky Derby Can Koozie

A day at the races is most often accompanied by a drink or two, or three…or more (we won’t judge!) Luckily, your beverage can beat the Kentucky heat with a can koozie. No need to use a plain ol’ koozie when it only takes a few minutes to customize one. Keep reading to learn how!

DIY can koozie material supplies

Custom Koozie Supplies

How to Design a Can Koozie Cut File

I whipped up this fun saying in Cricut Design Space using the fonts (from top to bottom) Perpetua Titling, Spumante Bold, Rockwell Extra Bold, and NewsGoth. After typing each line I centered them by going to Align > Center Horizontally. In order to retain the alignment, attach or weld the text together.

Kentucky Derby cut file in Cricut Design Space

When you’re satisfied with your design, make sure it will fit on your koozie by adjusting the size. I found a good standard size is typically 3″. Next, send the HTV through the cutter. If this is your first time working with heat transfer vinyl make sure you read How to Cut Siser HTV with the Cricut .

When the Cricut is finished, trim the design and weed out all the HTV that you won’t be applying.

Weeding EasyWeed HTV with the Siser Weeder

Cut EasyWeed with the Cricut Explore Air







How to Heat Press A Polyurethane Foam Can Koozie

Since I’m using EasyWeed, the press is set to 305°F. Want to use a different type of Siser HTV? Follow the time and temperature instructions on the Siser App for the HTV of your choice.

Don’t forget to adjust the pressure to account for the thick koozie material. You’ll know the pressure is too high if you have to force the top platen to lock down. Too much pressure can actually squish the adhesive out from under the HTV and pool along the sides. If you can see clear adhesive around your vinyl after pressing, it can lead to peeling so you’ll want to dial your pressure back.

The shiny side goes face up and the sticky side down for heat application

Place the sticky side of the clear carrier face down for heat application.

heat press temperature and time settings

Use the buttons to adjust your time and temperature. Manually adjust the pressure with the knob on top of the press.








After centering the HTV, cover it with parchment paper, and press the koozie for 10-15 seconds. If you’re using a home iron, put it on the Cotton setting and press for 15-20 seconds.

how to heat apply a custom can koozie

EasyWeed is a hot or cold peel, so if you press a koozie for yourself go ahead and peel the carrier immediately. However, if you’re making a whole bunch for your Derby crew you can peel the carriers cold so you don’t have to slow down your heat press flow.

Peel EasyWeed's carrier hot or cold

And that’s all there is to it! A quick and easy craft to add a personal touch to your Derby experience. Like this post? Pin the image below to save it for later!

And we're off! This DIY Kentucky Derby project is sure to keep your beverage cool and your image even cooler. Click here to learn how to heat apply EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl to give your can koozie as much personality as you!

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